Founder Agreement Received!

Step 2. Payment Agreement

IMPORTANT: This form must be completed and returned as part of the Participation Agreement. Acceptance will not be approved if this form is not received, along with the Participation Agreement.

What is my investment in the program?

Your investment in the program as a founder (or team of founders) will include a course fee covering curriculum materials and your time. Your goal is to demonstrate to potential funders and investors that you have been willing to “put your money where your mouth is” in terms of a long-term investment in growing your skill set and capabilities as a founder in addition to growing your business.

The course or tuition fee ($750 USD) covers the bare minimum cost of operating the sessions and administering the program. This rate is highly competitive compared to other similar programs which start at $899 and up; additionally, a warrant allocation of 4% of the company developed provides an opportunity for the program to benefit from our investment together in what we’re building while keeping your out of pocket costs minimal.

Are payment plans available?

We offer a payment plan of two equal installments of the regular course fee, in addition to a service fee, with payments due monthly. That equates to $825 (10% service fee) total for two (2) total payments of $412.50 each. Installments are payable via an email invoice we will send to you directly, with credit cards and ACH available as payment options.

Please Note: Absolutely no payment arrangements other than those noted above will be accepted for the program. All payment arrangements must be finalized by the deadline indicated in your invitation email. One of the below options must be chosen for payment.

I/We further agree that all payments will be paid when due. Should I/we be late in payment, I/we understand that the following process will be followed: 

a) The participants will be notified in writing of the payment not being received. 

b) The participants will be given 10 calendar days to bring the account to current status or meet with program Directors to have an adjusted payment contract approved (not a guarantee). 

c) If the account is not brought to current status, and an adjusted payment contract is not agreed upon and approved by the Directors, enrollment will cease after the 3rd class.

I/We have read and understood all of the terms and conditions contained in this agreement, and I/we agree to be legally bound by those terms and conditions.