Starting something is intoxicating but as you may have already experienced, “build it and they will come” is true in film but not reality. Success in media and technology is never the overnight success you hear; that’s an outcome of the groundwork laid in the market, to create for you customers.

Startup marketing is unique and challenging because of your limited resources. True of limited time, money, or talent, every step you take, no matter how small, should be flawlessly executed and informative. Traditional marketing lessons and strategies rarely work for startups, this is where we learn what does.


In media, development doesn’t just mean software, we have a story to develop, and an audience to develop, and a pitch to develop so that we finally have a company developed that serves customers (and investors).

To do this well, we have studied the market and produced a company.  Here we learn what is involved in developing a minimum viable product, planning the resources and roadmap to build more, how to turn that start and what we’ve learned previously into a marketing plan that grows your business, and what might matter most to you, how to raise capital.

Here we’ll learn the product work, marketing, and funding involved in growing from venture to success.