[vc_row][vc_column][tek_testimonials tt_image_layout=”without-image” tt_navigation_color=”white-navigation” tt_autoplay=”auto_on” tt_autoplay_speed=”10000″ tt_stoponhover=”hover_off” tt_touchdrag=”touchdrag_off”][tek_testimonials_single tt_heading=”Addresses much of what I’ve questioned along my startup” tt_quote=”“As a founder and a marketer, MediaTech Ventures addresses much of what I’ve questioned along my startup journey; the discrepancy between the value placed on building the “pedestal” (the technology / product / service) vs the value placed on carrying out traditional marketing activities in an effort to determine project viability and direction (tackling “the monkey”).”” tt_title=”Simone Stewart” tt_position=”Founder”][tek_testimonials_single tt_heading=”Making fundraising feel accessible to new founders” tt_quote=”“Thanks again for joining the bootcamp last week. It was extremely helpful to hear your framework and apply it to my business. I started drafting a pitch deck a few months ago. Everything about it felt wrong, but I wasn’t sure why. It wasn’t until your session that it clicked and I knew instantly what was missing. I was telling the wrong story for that particular audience. Just wanted to say thank you again for making fundraising feel accessible to new founders.”” tt_title=”Antoinette (Rodriguez) Rosenberg” tt_position=”Founder”][tek_testimonials_single tt_heading=”Get a jumpstart in moving things forward” tt_quote=”“The variety of content provided and the feedback around pitches would help any startup considering the program to get a jumpstart in moving things forward.”” tt_title=”Michael Lubker” tt_position=”Head of Gamerjibe Operations”][/tek_testimonials][/vc_column][/vc_row]