Collective’s 12-week incubator program develops idea and pre-seed stage startups, through a global platform for media innovation.

  • Startups must be a for-profit enterprise
  • Startups must be tech or tech-enabled (Which are you?)
    • Tech or tech-enabled businesses scale media through technology. In addition to traditional “tech” businesses, this includes startups selling physical products that they have designed and developed.
    • We are media industry-specific, and accept companies working in advertising & marketing, film, video, VR/AR, PR & news media, publishing, video games, sound, music, podcasts, and radio.
    • Service-related businesses (ex. a marketing consultancy or web development shop) are not a good fit for our program.

The ideal founder is a high-potential entrepreneur interested validating, incorporating, and developing their idea within and among professionals in the same industry.

  • Is this an opportunity in the economy?
  • Will your solution work as a business?
  • Is the business model viable?
  • Are you aware of the competition and is it meaningful?
  • Do you or your team have the experience and skillsets to execute on the opportunity?


Idea Stage, Pre-Seed Stage

Date published

June 11, 2016