Collective’s 12-week incubator program develops idea stage and pre-seed stage startups, through a global platform for media innovation.

Startup Requirements:

  • Startups must be a for-profit enterprise
  • Startups must be tech or tech-enabled (Which one are You?)
    • We define tech or tech-enabled businesses as any business that leverages and can scale media through technology. In addition to traditional “tech” businesses, this includes businesses selling physical products that they have designed and developed. We are media industry-specific, and accept companies working in advertising & marketing, film, video, VR/AR, PR & news media, publishing, video games, sound, music, podcasts, and radio. Service-related businesses (ex. a marketing consultancy or web development shop) are not a good fit for our program.
  • Stage: Idea, Pre-Revenue, Prototype, Pre-Seed
  • Looking for Seed to Series A Capital
  • Less than 5 years old

The ideal candidate is a high-potential entrepreneur who is interested in external assistance to validate and incorporate their idea. When assessing applications, we select startups based on the following considerations:

  • Is this an opportunity in the economy?
  • Will your solution work as a business?
  • Is the business model viable?
  • Are you aware of the competition and is it meaningful?
  • Do you or your team have the experience and skillsets to execute on the opportunity?


Idea Stage, Pre-Seed Stage

Date published

June 11, 2016