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Collective was pleased to welcome our long time MediaTech ally and tech-mate, David Lawson to our roster of teachers. With three and a half years at Insperity, and previous startup founder experience at Lawson Home Technologies – working in the home automation space and smart home services like Control4 and Apple Home Suite – David has come to understand the essentials to creating a successful startup.

Building a Strategic Team

In our third week, Collective’s class about building a team for a startup, David focused on how business leaders create and scale a strategic team plan to attract investment. Here are a few key take-a-ways from the class:

  1. Business challenges have HR solutions – It’s all about the people.
  2. People implement your policies.
  3. The goal of the “Business Leader” is to have that strategic vision and hire the right people to execute upon that vision. 
  4. Achieving Viability – Be Entrepreneurial. You’re a ‘family’.
  5. Administrative Infrastructure – Gaining your talent advantage. Why would people want to come work for you? What is your roadmap through emerging growth?
  6. Culture by Design – Not by Default. It’s all about risk mitigation and the people who handle it.
  7. Investors are looking at your team. Not your idea. How cohesive are you and whether you have the right plans in place.
  8. Your IP is paramount to the success of your business, intellectual property is about your culture, not the idea.

Get to know Insperity’s David Lawson

Here are some great Insperity resources to get you started at home

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